luthiery and more

This page details my current guitars and some of my adventures in luthiery & guitar building.

A small selection of the rock and electronic music I've made since 1990 can be streamed or downloaded from my Soundcloud page.

the insides of the djf67 Hollow Tele

current guitars

1990 Ibanez Rg550/Jem hybrid

1990 Ibanez RG550

Dimarzio D Sonic + Fernandez Sustainer

1990 neck and hardware mated to an Out of This Swirled alder Jem body and routed for Sustainer curcuit board and a cut out button.

Warmoth Soloist

Warmoth Soloist

Bulldog Vintage PAF set

Bird's Eye Maple over Swamp Ash Soloist body with Rosewood on Rosewood neck and Wilkinson trem.

djf67 Hollow Tele

djf67 #13 Hollow Tele

BKP Blackguard Flat 50 + The Mule

Thinner than a Thinline, almost fully hollow-bodied bookmatched Bocote over White Korina, genuine Fender Thinline Maple neck and reliced hardware.

djf67 Relic Tele

djf67 #15 Relic Tele

Fender Nocaster set

Poplar body, one-piece Maple neck, butterscotch and vintage tint then given a heavy relic finish.

1989 Fender Japan Strat

1989 Fender Japan Strat

BKP Irish Tour set

Battered and bruised black ?Alder body and one piece Maple neck

Warmoth Precision Bass

Warmoth Precision bass

Dimarzio Model P

Warmoth Precision Alder body in Daphne Blue with red tortoiseshell pickguard and (not) Fender neck, also given heavy relic finish.

older works


djf67 #1

Unique shape, Quilt Maple on Korina.


djf67 #2

Explorer laminate of Spalted London Plane, Padauk, Maple, Purpleheart.


djf67 #3

Bird's Eye Redwood over Padauk, a shape copied from Scott French.


djf67 #6

Unique one-piece Amboyna burl Tele.


djf67 #7

Bookmatched Rosewood over Flamed Maple seven string baritone RG-shape.


djf67 #11

Carve top baritone Strat with Warmoth Bocote on Wenge neck.

exotic woods